Prices below are for guidance only. Circumstances may warrant different charges.
Please note:Electrics @ Home is NOT a VAT registered business
Because we generally supply a service rather than materials, our turnover does not exceed the VAT threshold, currently £68k.
As a householder, you will benefit from the lower prices that we are able to offer because there is no VAT to pay.
Electrical Services
(prices island-wide)
When working by the hour, the following rates apply. If the work requires an E.I.C. then the Certification Charge applies as the certificate is produced back at the office. Minor Works certificates are hand-written on-site at the conclusion of the work.
If the work is notifiable, then the Notification Charge applies.
First hour £ 38.00 per hour
Second and third hours £ 34.00 per hour
4-hours or more £ 30.00 per hour
Day rate (8 hours or more) £ 28.00 per hour
Certification Charge (not for Minor Works) £ 10.00
Notification Charge £ 15.00
When working to a quotation, then any certification and/or notification is built in to the quote and hourly rates only apply to items additional to the original contract.
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Attendance and first ten items - 40.00   Additional items - 2.25 each
Fuses - 0.25   Plugs with fuse - 0.85
Visual Condition Report (VCR)
Ideal for holiday lets, these detailed inspection reports do not include circuit testing although some tests may be carried out if the inspection reveals potential problems. A typical three-bedroom flat would take about 2 hours and typically cost around 75